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Penny: Hello.

Sheldon: Alright, let’s dispense with the friendly banter, I believe you know why I’m here.

Penny: Well, I always figured it was to study us, discover our weaknesses, and report back to your alien overlords.

Sheldon: Yes, amusing. Extraordinary intelligence might well appear extraterrestrial to you, but let me be more specific. I believe you know why I’m here in the laundry room.

Penny: Better acoustics for your throat signing?

Sheldon: It’s actually not bad. But my true purpose in being here will be revealed in this brief PowerPoint presentation. Lights.

Sheldon: “Why Sheldon Cooper, PhD., should go to Switzerland to see the CERN supercollider. A PowerPoint presentation by Sheldon Cooper, PhD.”

Penny: Oh, for God’s sakes.

Sheldon: Here we have a highly gifted researcher in the field of particle physics whose work has brought him to the precipice of forever changing mankind’s understanding of the universe. A. K. A. Me. And here we have a waitress brushing her teeth with her finger. A. K. A. You.

Penny: I’m sorry. Is this supposed to be buttering me up?

Sheldon: Please hold all questions to the end of the presentation. This is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, the product of decades of planning and construction. It is a Mecca for physicists the world over. This is Bath and Body Works on Colorado Boulevard. They sell scented soaps and lotions, some of which contain glitter. Now, let’s see if we can match the individual to the appropriate destination.

Penny: Okay, show’s over.

Sheldon: No, it’s not. I’ve got five more slides.

Penny: Sheldon, this is Leonard’s decision. He invited me to Switzerland, and I intend to go.

Sheldon: Very well. Enjoy yourself. You’re going to be in the presence of something that I’ve dreamed of seeing for decades. I just hope you’ll be able to appreciate the magnitude of where you are and what it represents.

Penny: I’ll talk to Leonard.

Sheldon: You will?

Penny: Yes. If it means that much to you, you should go.


Penny: You’re welcome.

Sheldon: Since I rarely hug, I’m relying on your expertise regarding duration.

Penny: I think we’re there.

Sheldon: Oh, good. Bye-Bye.

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